Cell Phone Recycling

Cell phones. They’re everywhere. With technology constantly changing, they’re ever evolving. We always want the latest and greatest.  It is estimated that by 2018, 1/3 of the world’s population will own a smart phone. That’s approximately 2.5 billion users.  Those are some big numbers, but let me give you a small number: 11%. An EPA study shows only 11% of e-waste is made up of mobile phones. Almost 90% are either in a landfill or stuffed in the back of your junk drawer. In addition, for every cell phone recycled, we would recover: 35,000 pounds of copper, 774 pounds of gold and 33 pounds of palladium.

Here are some great ways to recycle your old cell phones: accepts devices from any era or in any condition and offers anywhere between a few bucks to hundreds of dollars in return. They partner with R2 certified e-waste reclamation facilities to ensure they are recycled or the phone is given a second chance. You can find a kiosk near you on their website.  In 2015, ECOatm purchased which is another popular way to recycle your old phones. Pick your brand, model, carrier and plug in what kind of shape it’s in and you’ll get an offer. Ship it for free and receive a check or a gift card to Amazon or PayPal after they ensure it’s worth what you say. has containers located in coffee shops and businesses around the country. They partner with non-profits. If phones are reusable, they re-sell. If not, they recycle. Either way, a small payment is paid back to the owner. This business was created in 2004 by 13 year old Brittany Bergquist and her 12 year old brother, Robbie. Since that time they have recycled more than 15 million cell phones and given 300 million minutes of talk time to those serving in the military. They mail approximately 1500 calling cards each week. In addition, since 2012, they have assisted more than 3100 veterans and their families with emergency funding with a new program called Helping Heroes Home. has kiosks in store that accepts cell phones at no charge to you. I have read that they limit you to (3) items per family per day.

Finally, another great suggestion is to check with your local shelters to see if they will accept your old cell phones. All cell phones can call 911 in an emergency. Women’s shelters and victims of domestic abuse receive these phones to get help if it is required. The bottom line is: don’t throw those devices into the landfill. There are plenty of places to recycle or reuse them!

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