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WHAT YOU CAN AND CAN'T RECYCLE: You can recycle newspapers, computer paper, magazines, telephone books, junk mail, envelopes, cardboard, brown paper bags, metal (steel, tin and aluminum) cans, glass bottles and jars (non-ceramic that are clear, green or brown), plastics #1-5 (the number is shown in the middle of the recycling symbol on the plastic item. It is helpful that all cans, glass bottles/jars, plastic containers are rinsed and recyclable caps removed before placing in the bin. You can NOT recycle colored newspaper inserts, plate /auto/stained glass, aluminum foil, sheet metal, plastic shopping bags, motor oil, Styrofoam, large water bottles (Culligan, Abita Springs, etc), butter tubs and any paper or cardboard that is wax covered, plastic covered or contaminated by food.

SCANNING AND REWARDS: You will not see anyone physically scan your bin. Scanners are mounted on the trucks and will scan the container automatically as it is picked up and emptied. Scans are uploaded within 48 hours of collection. Rewards are accessible as soon as scans are uploaded. There are no points to accrue. You are simply rewarded as long as you remain a loyal recycler. You must recycle a minimum of once per month to remain loyal.

MISSED STOPS: If you have a missed stop, please call 850-689-8600 to report it. If you are having problems with, call our rewards partner, Rewards for Recycling, LLC at 888-234-8211