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Coral Springs - Multi-Family

Waste Pro USA is pleased to work with the residents of Coral Springs, Florida!

WHAT TO RECYCLE: Every household was given a 65 gallon cart. All recycled materials can be placed into this bin together. See the lid for the list of all accepted recyclable materials.

PLACEMENT: Place your cart curbside by 7am on your scheduled pick up day. Be sure arrows are facing the street.

TIPS FOR RECYCLING: Be sure to flatten boxes. Boxes larger than 18 x 24 must be set out on your bulk pick up day for recycling collection. Newspapers must be placed in the cart loose (not bagged). Carts should NOT be set out earlier than 7pm the day before your pick up and should be removed from the curb no later than 7pm on your day of collection.

SCANNING & REWARDS: You will not see anyone physically scan your bin. Scanners are mounted on the trucks and will scan the container automatically as it is picked up and emptied. Scans are uploaded within 48 hours of collection. Rewards are accessible as soon as scans are uploaded. There are no points to accrue. You are simply rewarded as long as you remain a loyal recycler. You must recycle a minimum of once per month to remain loyal.

MISSED STOPS: If you have a missed stop, please call 954-282-6800, or you can use Waste Pro's Trac-EZ website: Trac-EZ sends a smart phone message to the field supervisor and he or she will promptly address your issue!