Love Mother Earth - There is no planet B

Why recycle? They’re just sending the materials to the landfills anyway.

You’ve heard the buzz. You’ve wondered what’s the deal. I can not give you a straight answer. I can’t. It is true that some of your recycling is going to the landfill. Not because it’s not recyclable, but because it is contaminated. Since moving to single stream recycling, contamination in recycling has gone from 5% contamination to 40%. Combine that with China deciding it will no longer accept foreign garbage and we have a problem. A big one.

Recycling companies used to get paid by selling off recyclable material. Now they are paying to have someone take it away.

What is the solution? Well, we know for certain we don’t want to tell people to stop recycling. When and if the market changes, it would be virtually impossible to get them to start back up again. We’ve spent decades explaining why it’s important to our planet. It’s hurting our oceans. It’s hurting our forests and rivers. It’s hurting the very planet we live on in ways that are still yet undetermined.

We MUST reduce contamination in our recycling. Recycling centers have seen everything from Christmas lights to animal carcasses to artillery shells. Some centers even report 1-2 bowling balls per week. Pizza boxes, grocery sacks, ceramics, and more continue to get put into the recycling bin every single day. This has to STOP.

We MUST reduce our consumption of plastic. You’ve been to the grocery store and seen prepackaged fruits – melon, nicely cut and packaged in Styrofoam and plastic. Just say NO! Sure it’s easy, but if we look at a melon, we can clearly see it has its own natural packaging. Plastic straws, cutlery, coffee stirrers. These are just a few of the totally senseless items we use every day.

We MUST reuse. Give old cell phones to local shelters. Ceramics, dishes, household goods can be donated to soup kitchens or half way houses or sold at a garage sale! (One person’s trash can be another’s treasure). Try and remember those reusable totes when shopping. Invest in a really good travel mug. Try to purchase things built to last!

Show Mother Earth your love!!

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